Experience the Spirit in the Sun!

January 2017 (13th - 22nd) in South East Queensland at Mount Tamborine, Gold Coast Hinterland.

Pan Australian Camps are held every three years and the next one is in January 2017 in the picturesque Gold Coast Hinterland. This is the 19th of these exciting camps to be held and is already shaping up to be full of adventure and excitement!

Registrations are Now Open! Enter your details below for Registration ‘Step One’.

PAC19 will include the usual PAC highlights being a part of the Big Brigade Picture (from all around Australia and BB around the World) . It will include on-site activities and off-site experiences of some of Queensland's unique iconic attractions.

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Step One: Registration


How do I register for PAC19?

Step One: (this step)
Enter your name, contact details and company.
We'll confirm your details with your captain, get your captain's approval for you to attend PAC and send you personalised information on how to perform Registration 'Step Two'.

Step Two:
This is when you'll receive your camper number. We'll need you to enter your address and your medical details online and fill in any other indemnity, permission or safety forms required for your PAC adventure! If we need more information from you for your electives we will confirm that you have given us all we need closer to camp.

How can I make payments?

Payments can be made electronically as soon as you have completed Registration Step Two and have your Camper Number. We'll send you an email with the full details.

How do I get my captain to approve my PAC19 registration?

Tell your captain you are planning to go to PAC 19 and you need him to approve your registration! He will be contacted by the Camp organisers shortly after you've completed Registration Step One.

When do I have to have my full camp fee paid by?

You will need to pay your Camp Fees according to the PAC19 Payment Installment Plan.

Here is the PAC19 Payment Installation Plan:

A deposit (non-refundable) of $200 must be paid within one month of allocation of camper number.
All payments will be required to be electronic.
Installments will be required to be made:

Installment 1: $200 non-refundable deposit, within one month of registering
Installment 2: $150 by 31 January, 2016
Installment 3: $150 by 30 April, 2016
Installment 4: $150 by 31 July, 2016
Installment 5: $340 by 30 November, 2016 - TOTAL CAMP FEE PAID BY THIS DATE

(Total camp fee will include payment for ALL EXTRAS – electives, extra camp uniform items and transport to/from airport).
If you register after an installment deadline you will be required to pay the relevant cumulative amount at that time (e.g. if register in January, 2016: $350 initial payment)

When and how do I choose my electives?

Don’t worry, we will give you all the Elective information closer to camp.

I want to talk to someone more about PAC19. Who do I contact?

Keep a lookout for your latest issue of PACed Gear for all the latest on PAC19!
If you need more, talk firstly with Your Company Captain about your PAC19 questions. If he can’t help then contact your Pan Australian Camp State Liaison Officer.

How do I get to camp?

Just like the movie... Planes, trains and automobiles (and busses or bicycles)

If arriving by plane, how do I get to the camp location?

We're working with the PAC19 Transport Team to have some shuttle bus services from the two closest airports (Brisbane and Coolangatta). You'll be able to book these (and pay for the service) along with your camp fees online. More information about timing and costing will be available closer to camp.

Is there going to be a ‘Theme Park” day?

Yes!! Which theme park is yet to be finalised but be sure it'll be an exciting day out!

What is the minimum age for camp?

If you turn 12 during 2017 then you're good to go!

Should I have to cancel my PAC19, how will this happen and how will it affect me?

Should you have to cancel your PAC19 adventure, the Camp Organisers will review your situation and make a decision about where to go from there. There may be a non refundable component of your camp fees (due to deposits being paid etc) but we'll work together with you on making this process as easy as possible.

What style of accommodation is available?

There are both cabin and tenting options available. However, there's no cost difference for you choosing cabins or tents. It’s your choice and your adventure!